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Burning room set-up

Supply of sacred furnishings and decorative elements

The funeral parlor is a room, which is generally located inside a structure or home of the deceased, where the body is exposed.

When a loved one passes away it is important to contact a competent funeral agency that takes care of all aspects of the sad moment.

In particular, of all those operations following the death, such as the preparation of the body, the dressing and the setting up of the funeral home.

At the funeral home it is possible to celebrate secular or religious ceremonies and commemorate your loved one in an intimate setting. As part of the setting up of the funeral home and the funeral ceremony, the company offers the customer an assortment of quality funeral decorations, to be chosen according to the preferred style.

The supply includes all the necessary sacred furnishings: carpets, curtains, supports for the coffin, candle holders, lectern and attendance register. There is the possibility to add decorative elements, such as paintings, backdrops with delicate and suggestive colors, sacred images and other original and effective details. We also give the possibility to customize the place, with special arrangements.

The funeral home is the environment in which relatives and friends can give a last farewell to their loved ones, and must convey peace and serenity.


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