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Floral decorations

The floral decorations are made with fresh flowers that are selected on the basis of the personal taste of family members. The floral compositions give value to the funeral home, to one's home, to the hearse and to the Church, in full respect of the wishes of family members.

Each floral composition created respects precise standards of professionalism and exteriority: elegance, discretion, sobriety, taste.

  If you have no idea which decoration to choose, the Funeral Directors …………, with the utmost discretion and experience in the sector, will be at your disposal to provide you with choices of fresh flower arrangements, bouquet or crown floral arrangements. 

The Funeral Directors …… .. will take care of finding the flowers, setting up the funeral home and the place of the funeral ceremony until the last step of the funeral.

Floral arrangements for funerals

The Funeral Company ........... has an accurate service of decorations and floral compositions designed and created specifically for the funeral,

All the floral compositions are completely customizable at the request of the customer. The decorations are made exclusively with fresh flowers of first choice and the highest quality.

Professional figures of our funeral agency, they compose with the utmost care cushions, wreaths, baskets and flower bouquets.


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